The Water-One is a new and innovative water treatment system whose primary market is homes that use well water for their potable supply.  Our technology incorporates the use of ozone as the primary means of treating the water in the first stage of the filtration process.


The unit incorporates two 110 gallon storage tanks that are connected to one another by a 1-1/4 inch PVC line.  This keeps the water in both tanks at a constant level.  The first tank (tank #1) is where the well water is introduced into the unit.  The ozone makes contact with the water through a submersible pump with a venturi attached to an ozone generator.  The water becomes saturated with air and ozone and an oxidation process occurs which releases the sulfur gas, iron, tannins and other particulates from the water.  The ozone also kills bacteria, viruses, and algae which may occur in the water.  The material which has been oxidized from the water coagulates and attaches to the sides of the tank, floats to the top and settles to the bottom.  Tank #1 removes the majority of the undesired material in the water.  The key to this first process is the contact time the ozone has with the water which allows it to perform its function.


The water that flows into the second tank (tank #2) is much cleaner and this tank is designed to be static and act as a settling tank.  Any materials that migrate to tank #2 from tank #1 will settle to the bottom or float to the top.  The ozone also has sufficient time to gas off from the water and it will not enter the stream into the house.  The house supply pump is located in this tank.  It pumps the water through an activated carbon filter which removes any materials that may not have settled in tank #2.  This filter also gives the water its clarity.  The final filter is a mineral filter that makes the water soft.  Because the majority of the undesired materials are removed in tanks #1 & #2, the function process and life span of the carbon & mineral filters are substantially increased.  Also, the carbon filter and mineral filter function to polish the water and create an end product that is superior in the art of well water filtration and has no equal on today’s market.